Features & Details

Manage the layout of your homepage

From your Site Manager you will be able to choose which modules should appear on your homepage. The layout of these modules can also be rearranged as you wish depending on your priority.

Available modules include:

  • News
  • Campaigns
  • Dealership locations
  • Used equipment
  • Other brands
Layout example

Yale's product catalogue is always up to date

Your YDWS website will automatically import all products published on Yale's corporate website without any action required on your side.

Product description includes:

  • Product summary
  • Models selection
  • Downloadable brochures and specs
  • Image gallery
Yale's product catalogue

Fully customisable content pages

Take control of what information goes where!

With no computer knowledge needed, you are able to create as many content pages as you like. By creating these content pages you will give more depth to the following sections of your website:

  • About Us
  • Services
  • Rentals
  • Other brands

The following elements are available for you to structure your content:

  • Image banners in the top section of the page
  • Rich Text (including tables, lists and links)
  • Videos
  • Image galleries
  • Downloadable PDFs
Customisable content pages

Sell your used equipment online

Publish your whole range of previously owned machinery.

  • Full listing of used equipment (multi-brand)
  • Detailed product page for each piece of equipment including product summary, technical specifications and image gallery

You can also give more emphasis to selected machinery by displaying them on your homepage.

Used equipment

Create your own news and promote your events

A dedicated section of your website will allow you to promote your local events.

  • Each article has its own page where you can upload images, videos, and PDFs to engage customers
  • Sharing functionality can be integrated
News & Events

Incorporate videos, images and downloadable PDFs to make your content more engaging

  • You are able to integrate videos, images and PDF files
  • Full versatility with embedding these elements anywhere on your content pages
Videos, images and downloads

Promote your campaigns and special offers

Display your in-house business campaigns and promotional campaigns directly on your homepage. Use this feature to promote events, special offers, new product launches, etc...

To give more visibility to these campaigns they can also be inserted in the left column of each content page.

Campaigns and special offers

Your contact details and dealership location(s)

Provide contact information for all your locations and staff members.

  • Detailed map showing all locations
  • Dedicated page for each location showing staff and opening hours
  • Contact form
  • Relevant staff are listed by department under each section of your site
Dealership location(s)

Commercial lead generation

Many modules throughout your website will allow you to maximize sale leads generation and collect valuable customer contact details.

These include:

  • 'Free Call Back' and 'Newsletter Sign-up' feature
  • Contact form in the footer of each page
  • Quote requests and used equipment inquiries
Lead generation

Other brands

List all your other non-competing brands by creating individual content pages where you can add logos, product information and external links if needed.

Other brands